Monoclonal Reagent Technology is in our Blood

Confidence in your blood bank reagents is built on trust in your manufacturer’s experience.
Siwa has that experience.

Fulfilling the Need for New Monoclonal Blood Typing Reagents

A need for new monoclonal blood typing reagents is evidenced by the age and declining performance of cell lines used in the manufacture of many blood typing reagents currently on the market.

Realizing this, Siwa scientists dedicated themselves to developing new monoclonal antibodies with improved performance characteristics.

Siwa’s new antibodies are expressed from state-of-the-art-recombinant cell lines and have been incorporated into new blood typing reagents for tube testing.

Siwa is currently awaiting FDA clearance for our IgM Monoclonal Anti-Fya and Anti-Fyb. Reagents with other specificities are in our development pipeline.